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How To Get On Broadway: The 7 Step Program

Step 1: Avoid spending 40k a year on a “Theater” “Vocal Performance” “Dance” or any other related “Fine Arts” degree in a college. If you send your kid to college—put them in an Engineering program.

Step 2: Aspiring Broadway Actor/Singer/Dancer must relocate to a market that supports and has opportunities for work on Broadway—or in other words—you have to move to NYC.

Step 3: In the meantime, get into every on stage opportunity possible…no matter how shitty the production. The goal is to get as much stage time and experience as possible—however, never pay to play.

Step 4: Once you have made it to NYC, enroll in as many scene or acting or dance classes that are being taught by actual directors, producers, or other real industry folks—there are hundreds of them. Even famous Broadway directors have to pay rent. Once in these classes—make sure to make a good impression. Directors and Casting agents hire people they know.

Step 5: Audition for everything—everything…doesn’t matter if you want the gig. You are practicing auditioning.

Step 6: Make sure you have your chops together. Broadway is a corporate for profit machine. You are a commodity they have to sell. If they don’t cast you, it isn’t personal—they just don’t think they can sell what you are bringing. You have to be good enough and compelling enough at what you do that someone can make money, or you will not get work.

Step 7: If you do get cast in a show—don’t be a pain in the ass. Show up prepared, and easy to work with. Your next job depends on this.

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