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 Scores/Shows For Sale


Rainey Day Music & Theater offers custom composition services as well as arranging and orchestrating.  Need a film scored?  Have a web series you need music for?  Need a jingle for your business or product ad?   Would you like a personalized song or arrangement for your performance or event?  We have you covered.

Choral Scores
Children's Choir/Theater
Various Instrumental

Ave Verum

I Saw God

When I Go 

Irish Prayer

Sailor Songs




The Last Light

When I See You Again



When I Grow UP
The Sandwich That Wouldn't Be Made
Hardboilled Humpty For Breakfast
That Stork Dropped Me


The Dog Ate My Homework

I'm A Person Too

Jazz Band


Hip Hop A Bee Bop
Williamsburg Bridge
Wake Up Call

Pow, Right in the Kisser
Cat Call
The Rent's Too Damn High


String Quartet/Orchestral


Karamazov Sonata

Notes from the Underground

Allegory for a Cave

Ten Dollar Tango


Begining Band Charts
Wedding Music
Show Music/Misc.

Broken Trombone

L Train

Crawdad Stew

This Bass Was Made For Walkin'

Bedtime Story

This Moment in Forrever

Where We Begin

 I Knew It Was You

Unbreakable Heart

Reflection In Your Eyes


Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World

Why Don't You Marry Me

Momma, I'm Tired

Makin' Momma Proud

Ass of an Angel

Broken Down Hoe

Every Little Piece

Caveman Days

Want My Number

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