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Vocal Lesson Policies


Cancelation Policy

Student Cancels:


 People get sick, or have conflicts with work, kids, or just life in general.  Unfortunately, in New York City, we are offering lessons in rented studios.  Because of the policies at Pearl Studios, or Ripley Grier, or Simple Studios—Rainey Day Music & Theater do not allow same day cancelations.  All cancelations require 24 hour notice.  There will still be situations that arise that might cause a sudden cancelation;  however, in such instances, the student will be responsible for the lesson fee and the studio rental fee.  All lessons cancelled by the student can be rescheduled, but all lessons will be billed. No-show lessons will need to be paid for before a new one can be scheduled.

Rainey Day Music & Theater Cancels:


In the event that Rainey Day Music & Theater has to cancel a student’s pre-arranged lesson in the 24 hour window, that student will rescheduled, and receive a free lesson.



Studio Rental


It is preferred that the student take the responsibility for renting the studio.  In the event that Rainey Day Music & Theater makes the arrangements for the studio, a $25 an hour fee will be applied to cost of the lesson.  Any of the available studio’s in Midtown that have a piano in them are acceptable for your lesson.  Here is a very short list of great places:


Pearl Studios Simple Studios The Opera Center

Ripley Grier Studios Shelter Studios Michio Studios


All of these are fine, and there are many others.  When selecting a studio, please remember to tell them you will be singing, and also remember to make sure there is a piano.  Rainey Day Music & Theater mainly teaches at the Pearl Studios, but we are happy to accommodate you if you prefer working in a different space.



Voice Lessons are $100 an hour.  If you prefer to work for a half hour, the fee is $50.

Studio Rental is not included in the price of the lesson.

If you are working on repertoire and would like a professional pianist, you can make your own arrangements, or we can provide a pianist for $50  per hour.


We do not lower the price for paying for the full month at the beginning of the month; however many students prefer to pay in advance to reserve a weekly lesson time.